July 25, 2016


We are strongly focused on building solutions that help organisations realise their full potential.


This can be by helping to remove the barriers commonly placed within the organisation with a focus on delivering bespoke solutions that meet their needs

Our key areas of focus include Process & Infrastructure Automation, Simplified Configuration Management & Enablement of a Mobile Workforce

We deliver solutions that can be easily integrated into an Organisation whether this makes use of the technology that they already have in their Own DataCentre or whether they make use of Public Cloud solutions.

We Specialise in the following


PowerShell Training – 1 to 1 & 1 to many on topics including

  • PowerShell Desired State Configuration
  • PowerShell Unit Testing
  • Custom PowerShell Tooling Development
  • Application Management including SharePoint, SQL, Exchange, Active Directory
  • Script writing following SDLC processes


For more information including the packages we have available please see the following page – Training


Consultancy on

  • Improving Current Infrastructure Administration
  • Future Infrastructure Administration Planning
  • Cloud Technology Administration
  • How to move to a DevOps methodology
  • Proof of concept implementations
  • Production implementations
  • PowerShell Code base refactoring
  • Centralising your PowerShell Code base
  • Implementing Standardised Source Control practices in your organisation


For more information please see the following page – Consultancy


If you are currently evaluating the benefits that can come from using PowerShell in your organisation and require either bespoke training or a more in depth Consultancy engagement then please get in touch via the following email address enquiry@re-digitise.org and we will arrange a short consultation call to better understand what it is you are looking to achieve

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